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Proper implementation and maintenance of computer systems is an essential part of successful organization or business operations. Instead of a time-consuming obstacle that hinders functionality, your network and computer systems should facilitate and enhance the productivity of your business. Computer Networks Int'l is a FSM computer consulting firm providing comprehensive and cost-efficient IT consulting and computer support for small to growing businesses in the Federated States of Micronesia.

Rather than prescribed one-size-fits-all support plans, CNI customizes our computer support solutions to specifically fit your needs. Whether it is full outsourcing, regularly scheduled maintenance, as needed support, or per project consulting, we have a computer consultant available ready to provide you with effective and affordable support.

Our IT consulting team leverages existing expertise in a full range of systems and network consulting services to provide you with value-added and comprehensive support solutions. Typical computer consulting and support solutions that we provide include:

Computer Installation & Deployment - our experienced computer support team provides secure installation, deployment, and configuration of servers and desktops in new or existing environments.

Computer Maintenance & Support - CNI consultants  offer fully outsourced management, regularly scheduled maintenance, as needed or on-call support, and emergency troubleshooting to meet your individual needs.

Server Configuration & Administration - CNI consultants provide server configuration and support over a variety of OS and hardware platforms in the Intranet and Internet environments including Active Directory, email, web, database, DNS, and other server and application services.

Desktop Support - CNI provides desktop computer support in the Federated States of Micronesia including desktop and application installation, general troubleshooting, user support, backup implementation, and anti-virus solutions.

Network Support - servers and desktops operate in a networked environment and their deployment should always consider the network at large in order to provide the most effective performance and security. Our consultants draw upon our existing network expertise to always consider the proper placement, configuration, and functionality of computer systems within your network.

Security & Backup Solutions - the security of your computer systems should always be a primary concern in order to protect valuable resources and proper functionality. Our computer consultants are highly experienced in performing security assessments and implementing proper security and backup strategies for new and existing environments.

Please contact us for a complementary meeting to see how we may best customize a support solution to meet your information technology needs.


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